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Lotta Vintage

Meet Lotta Vintage

Are you looking for vintage/ secondhand shops in Stockholm? Södermalm is not the only destination for vintage shopping in Stockholm. There are several vintage…

Who are The Pasta Haters?

Tired of Living on a Pasta Diet? Is Pasta-Pesto, or even worse, Pasta-Ketchup, a recurring dish on your weekly menu?  If so, you can count this as your…

Modern Retro owner's band

Meet Modern Retro

Modern Retro is a vintage boutique located in a 200 m2  garage on the island of Södermalm, in Stockholm. It’s filled with vintage pieces, deadstock…

Ritz Vintage

Meet Ritz Vintage

“The blocks south of Folkungagatan are packed with interesting, cool and creative shops specializing in clothing, design, jewelry, knickknacks, vintage, houseware, music and much…