B.B. King's 'Love Me Tender'

'Nobody loves me but my mother— And she could be jivin', too' B.B King

Today we’re taking a look at B.B. King’s album entitled ‘Love Me Tender’. A superb record to put on whilst relaxing with an old fashioned cocktail. It is an extraordinary piece of art in itself, designed by Push Pin Studios. B.B. King began his legendary career as a disc jockey at a Memphis, Tennessee club where he adopted the nickname the ‘Beale Street Blues Boy’ which, eventually, became shortened to B.B. King. From humble beginnings, King aspired to become a Gospel Singer, and as a result learned how to play the guitar from his local preacher. Who must have been one helluva teacher as King went on to win 15 Grammy’s over a career which spanned more than 50 years! 


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'Bringin' in the sunlight an' easin' my pain'

New York born graphic designer Milton Glaser designed the cover art for B.B. King’s ‘Love Me Tender’ Vinyl, which has us swooning here at The Pasta Haters! Glaser is one of the co-founders of ‘Push Pin Studios’ whom he founded along with 4 of his friends. The foursome met as students at Cooper University in New York and went on to revolutionise the world of graphic design.


Push Pin Studios sought to challenge the popular style used by designers at the time. They wanted to bring their own style to the table and rejected historical forms such as, art nouveau and art deco. Together they went on to create a new, fresh approach to graphic design. Successfully achieving this by becoming the first graphic designers to have work displayed at a major museum. The exhibition was shown at the Louvre, Paris before be exhibited at museums around the rest of Europe and Japan in the 1970s.

Bob Dylan by Milton Glaser 1967 

Pasta Heller by Milton Glaser 2006

We hope you love the cover art for this album and the history behind it as much as we do! Below, you will find ‘The Love Me Tender’ album by B.B King which you can purchase from Al Mathew’s Collection via our website! Along with fashion statements which we think mirror the tone of the album. Happy listening!


With Love,

The Pasta Haters X


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