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Spring has finally sprung! Which means we couldn’t be happier here at The Pasta Haters! We want to celebrate the oh so stylish Mini Skirt and Mary Quant,  the most iconic fashion designer of the 60s&70s. With the well anticipated Mary Quant exhibition opening at London’s V&A Museum next month we wanted to pay homage to her designs and get you super excited for Spring and Summer!

Quant and Alexander
Dancing Skirts 70s

Self taught designer Mary Quant revolutionised the fashion industry during the 60s/70s. Styles which have persevered and influenced us to this very day. Quant’s style as a self taught designer was influenced by musicians, and the Mods and Beatniks taking Chelsea, London by storm at the time. As a result, Quant’s first collection she released, consisted of simple, practical and very ware-able garments. Quant states that she wanted to create clothes which suited the actions of normal life, resemblant of her humble up-bringing. 

Quant is often credited for creating the Mini Skirt, even if this is argued by some designers who were prevalent at the time, it cannot be denied that she did bring the Mini into the spotlight. With the Mini being Quant’s trademark she attracted high profile customers such as, Twiggy. Who went on to become a symbol of the time.

Twiggy, Pinterest

"Risk it, Go for it"

For the upcoming exhibition at London’s V&A Museum the shows curator’s created the #WeWantQuant hashtag to find women with pieces from Quant’s 60s and 70s collection in their wardrobes! With an overwhelming reaction from women all around the world, it is evident that Quant’s creations weren’t just clothes. But cherished pieces of memories from the past. The women who got in touch emailed their fond stories which were attached to the Quant garments they had recovered. 

The hashtag movement for Quant’s garments is a powerful one. Women globally are coming together with experiences and stories close to their hearts. In Quant’s autobiography she says that her career was a whirlwind. Achieving immense success whilst also living it up during the swinging 60 & 70s party scene. Quant and husband Alexander Plunket Greene were students at Goldsmith’s University in London when they met. Their son states that both lived with ‘riotously excitement’. He further states that Quant’s designs were much more than styles that revolutionised the fashion industry, but brought a sense of freedom to the previously rigid garments worn by women at the time. Quant designed garments which went hand in hand with the cultural changes that were taking place at the time.

Shift Dress Mary

Designing power

Mary Quant recognised that Britain and the world was on the brink of social and cultural change. She saw an opportunity for liberation and designed garments such as shorter skirts and dresses to reflect this. Quant realised that women were parting from the traditional stereotypes, and created the tools which helped women to freely express this movement and their unique individuality. In addition, Quant’s creations were her personal rebellion against the path life could have taken her on if she had not  pursued her career as a designer. She had an intense need to create garments which spoke a thousand words, and not just an item worn to look good. In love with Mary Quant yet?  Yes, us too !

The Mary Quant exhibition opens on the 6th of April 2019  until the 16th of February 2020. We hope you have been inspired by Mary Quant’s incredible story! Below we have chosen our top picks which we think honour Quant’s designs which our retailers have available for you to purchase on our website. Risk it and go for it! 


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