Dame Vivienne Westwood

Punk, iconic designer and environmental activist. Vivienne Westwood seems to be doing it all! and she is doing so consciously. She has spent her life campaigning. Campaigning for climate change, human rights, animal welfare and much more! Westwood has never been one to shy away from making her political views public. From that infamous ‘Destroy’ T-shirt, which, Westwood has said is her most controversial designs yet! The t-shirt was worn by Westwood in 1977 as a stand against fascists and dictatorship.

Shining a light on political matters again, Westwood was determined to get her voice heard by mocking the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by gracing the cover of Tatler in 1989. Even wearing a suit ordered by Thatcher but not yet collected!

Fashion Anarchist

Never someone to follow trends, or rules. Vivienne Westwood has stayed true to herself by rebelling against the fast fashion industry. Since 2010 Westwood has been a member of The Ethical Fashion Initiative. An Initiative set up by the future UN officer Simone Cipriani. 

Going forward as a team, Westwood and the United Nations fashion initiative realised that the high end fashion industry can be used as a path to development. A chance to create garments ethically and create positive change in countries such as Africa in the process. Westwood states that her priorities now lie in creating quality and not quantity. Which, she admits comes at a high price, however, paying the higher prices come with far more benefits.

Made With Love in Kenya

One of the success stories born out of the UN and Westwood partnership has been the bag collection, ‘Made with love in Kenya’. What is so significant about this move is that Westwood has helped to create a sustainable and new method of wealth creation in Nairobi, Kenya. Helping to improve infrastructure and the surrounding economy. The A/W 18 Westwood collection came with impressive figures, 62% of the workforce were women, 64% were able to use their earnings to go towards school fees and 82% were able to afford things such as healthcare, education and even starting small local businesses!!3/halsey-wearing-burberry-at-a-party-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-the-vivienne-westwood-burberry-collaboration-collection-jpeg
Vivienne Westwood X Burberry

Queen of Tartan

Not only the queen of ethics within the luxury fashion industry but Vivienne Westwood is also the Queen of tartan.  Westwood  transformed the way tartan was worn. Bringing it from an old and outdated material to a symbol of Punk and Rock n Roll! She did so by embellishing her tartan designs with giant safety pins and tulle. Check out the amazing Tartan pieces we have available to purchase on our website!

#Show Us Your Tartan!


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