The Haçienda Craze

The Haçienda Craze

Renowned nightclub The Haçienda was born out of Factory Records. A record label with bands such as The Smiths and New Order under their management! The club not only transformed the party scene, the Haçienda also created a style that has transpired through generations. 

Opening it’s doors in 1982, the club went on to be the most influential club in the country. And understandably so. With its industrial feel, the club brought hipster music lovers with open minds all under the same roof. Not to mention that the Haçienda was the venue in the UK which hosted Madonna’s first appearance!


Young people from the UK and all over Europe were flocking to the Hacienda and to experience the ‘Madchester’ scene. With expression taking place via the music played at the venue, people felt free to fully expressed themselves too. Often attending the Haçienda in mad and out-there outfits, the club provided a kind of haven for like-minded people to come together and dance away any negativity. With club nights such as ‘Flesh’ an LGBTQ night put on at the club, which was described as truly liberating! A night where people could express themselves and their sexuality. A club night that made people feel safe when they walked through the door and not feel in danger about expressing their individuality. YAS!
Manchester’s DJ PaulettePhotography Lee Baxter

'Unknown Pleasures'

Peter Saville, Co-founder of Factory Records was also one hell of a graphic designer! With a very distinct style, Saville designer posters for the Haçienda along with the now iconic cover art for Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album. The cover became and still is, one of the most recognised cover art design of all time. The design appears everywhere. Whether embroided into the side of a pair of Doc Marten’s or morphed into the shape of Mickey Mouse on a T-shirt. It.Is.Everywhere. 

The cover art created an air of mystery. What did these waves mean? Incredibly, the image is that of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar. Which is a rotating neutron star. Saville states that he wanted the album cover to really evoke it’s title. Called ‘Unknown Pleasures’ the album visual was just this. A pleasure to the eye, but what it is remains an unknown mystery.

Ian Brown
Ian Brown

Haçienda Style

Bucket Hats, anorak’s and flared trousers were a Haçienda fashion staple. Clubbers partied the night away in garments which were practical for dancing the night away and at the same time reflective of their individuality. When Stone Roses’ Ian Brown rocked the Haçienda stage in a pair of vintage Wrangler flares everyone wanted them. The trend took off becoming iconic of the 80s British fashion scene. 

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Hacçienda nightclub, Adidas teamed up with Yohji Yamamoto to create the FAC51-Y3 trainer. The shoe’s design is a collaboration between Peter Saville (the original Factory records founder) and Ben Kelly (architect who designed the Haçienda interior) along with Joy Division’s bass player, Peter Hook. The shoe resembles the industrial interior of the club itself and also the promotional colours of the club.

the Hacienda Trainer Adidas
Adidas FAC51-Y3 Haçenda

Feeling inspired? Below we have picked items which we think would be perfect for a care free dance and music filled night at the Hacçienda! Get your wardrobes ready for the outdoor live music and festival season! 

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