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Iconic soul Starlett, Diana Ross

Welcome back to Vinyl Tuesday’s! This week we’ve gone total Diva with Diana Ross! 

Diana Ross, original name Diane Earle was born in 1944 in Detroit, Michigan US.  Ross is from a family of singers who would regularly sing Gospel at their local churches. Ms Ross went on to find stardom as lead singer of The Supremes. The trio were signed to the infamous Motown records and saw 12 no 1 hits, which included ‘You Cant Hurry Love’, ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Stop in the name of Love’.  Ms Ross broke away from The Supremes and went on to form her solo career in 1970. Achieving even more success with hits, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and ‘I’m Coming Out’ becoming the most successful female solo artist. 


Not only a crazy talented singer, performer and actress. Diana Ross was also hugely talented with fashion. Ross graduated Cass Technical High School with a major in costume design and fashion illustration in the hopes of becoming a fashion designer. She states that her education in fashion helped immensely with creating fun and stylish looks for her band The Supremes. Where she helped create the hair and make up looks as-well as costume design! Diana ross released a whopping 67 albums throughout her career ! and is one of the few celebrities to receive not one but two stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame!

Hollywood Starlet

While achieving phenomenal success with her solo signing career Ross began her acting career in film, television and on broadway! Unsurprisingly, she achieved huge success and even received an academy award ‘Best Actress’ nomination for her role as Billie Holiday  in ‘Lady Sings the Blues.


"It takes a long time to be a Diva.

I mean, you gotta work at it"

A Diva on her own terms

Not only a legendary songstress and award winning actress, Diana Ross has been paving the way for strong and incredibly success females. Throughout her career Diana Ross has often been labelled a ‘Diva’ which, in today’s media is sometimes used in a negative way.  However, the word can be traced back to the 19th century when it was used to describe worldly opera singers. However, more and more frequently this word is used in a negative way to describe a female mega star with powerful qualities that would otherwise be celebrated in a man. And we wonder, when did the word lose its positive meaning? Inpspiringly, Diana Ross  owned the word and even states that becoming a Diva requires an immense amount of work and is something she is very proud of ! And so she should be ! 

You Go Girl!!

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