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Slowly Becoming Fashion Conscious

Welcome back to our blog! This week we wanted to highlight the the goodness which comes from saying YES! to vintage. 

We understand that we all still love to shop. And that shopping patterns are highly unlikely to change. But we can still shop and do so ethically! Make a conscious effort to support your local vintage stores and recycle clothing which has already been through the carbon emitting process. Vintage shopping is SO much more fun than shopping at high street stores. The feeling of the unknown of what you may find that day. Walking into a store that isn’t a store, who’s interior has been mass produced and duplicated in thousands of other stores under the same name across the country, or even world! Your local vintage shops are like small homes, filled with clothes that have stories sewn into their seams. On the other hand, fast fashion is more times than not, cheap for a reason. Produced in terrible conditions at an extortionately low wage.

We're Comin' For Ya!

There is a nicer kid on the block! The vintage and secondhand industries are set to overtake the fast fashion industry by 2028. Surpassing the fast fashion industry by €20 Billion! Wowzers! Generations Z-er’s are expecting brands to be socially and sustainability responsible. For this generation it has become a necessity that brands do. In fact, 3BL has found that 90% of the Z Generations (those born between 1995 and 2015) will only buy from stores who are serious about their corporate responsibility duties.


World's second biggest
source of pollution


Uniquely Better

Better Quality 

As well as being better for the environment, second hand shopping comes with many more benefits too. More often than not vintage pieces are of a much better quality than the products sold at fast fashion companies (with the exception of high end designers). Prior to the 60′ and 70s clothing was made to last. Heading to the shop to buy a replacement a few weeks later was not an option. Therefore, quality had to be of a top quality- which is why on older garments the seams are beautifully strong and remain intact longer and the buttons on shirts and coats are immaculately joined to the garment.


Whether or not we discover them, every vintage or second hand item of clothing has its own journey. How endearing is it to buy a necklace which, had previously been worn by a woman for 20+ years. The dinners had, parties gone to and books read by someone wearing the exact same necklace you now have. Incredible! 

The People You Meet!

Vintage shop owners are always the most welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people you will meet! With endless stories to tell about where they retrieved each and every item in their shop, you’re bound to get into an exciting conversation with them! Also, wearing vintage clothes brings about conversations with strangers when you’re out and about. Inquiries about where you bought your unique garments, a breath of fresh air in a world where people seem to be wearing the same mass produced clothing. Vintage clothing invites meaningful conversations!

Bye Bye Spaghetti, Hello Kimchi!

At The Pasta Haters we want to promote the fun of supporting your local stores and make it easy for you to shop vintage stores all over Europe via our website.  Stand out from the crowd! Have fun and be out there.  We want to make it easy for everyone to become part of the romance that comes with wearing vintage clothing. As it isn’t just ‘old used clothes’ they’re so much more than that! they’re romantic pieces of art, a way to bring colour to a world where everyone seems to be wearing the same. 

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With Love, 

The Pasta Haters X

Uniquely Stylish 


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