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Madonna is a singer-songwriter,  actress and a business woman. Born and raised in Michigan, US. Throughout her career Madonna has trampled the status quo by tearing down boundaries with her style and performances! Madonna has been the pioneer for self reinvention, pushing boundaries and making it clear that she will not slow down as she gets older. 

"Art should be controversial"

Madonna has been listed as the best selling female artist  with the highest selling solo artist tours of all time! She has demolished boundaries which were expected from female pop stars. She’s done so by becoming the  pioneer of reinvention. Reinventing herself through her looks, and whilst doing so, she has unapologetically brought attention to how the naked female body is viewed. After topless pictures of Madonna were leaked in 1992 Madonna took control of the leaks and released her own coffee table book titled ‘Sex’. The book saw her posed with no clothes on, however, the images were not provocative in a sexual sense. They oozed power and confidence. She proved that women can be in control of their own sexuality and do so with utter confidence.

Cultural Provocateur

Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ music video which was released in 1989. The video was banned for being too ‘controversial’. Having heavy religious connotations, breaking many religious and racial taboos. Madonna made a deal with Pepsi Co which allowed the company to release an early clip of the music video before its official released by the singer-songwriter. However, due to the heavy anti religious connotations Pepsi had to pull out of their deal and distanced themselves from the controversy. Naturally, the Vatican condemned the music video but this didn’t stop the queen of pop performing the song in front of the Pope in 2008! Aggravating the Vatican in more than one way.  Despite the outrage, Like a Prayer spent three weeks at no 1 on the US Billboard chart and was voted MTV’s most groundbreaking video of all time! Proving the weight in meaning it had to her fans and listeners, oh how we love that she doesn’t play it safe! 

Material Girl

Madonna taught the world about Jean Paul Gautier’s cone bra. The designer created the bra for Madonna’s Blond Ambition world tour. Gautier had been playing around with the design since the beginning of the fashion label’s inception in the 80s however, Madonna brought the idea to life on a huge platform in front of the world! Madonna not only trademarked this look but helped to being inner wear to outerwear. Making it acceptable to wear silk and lace in ways that were previously reserved for indoors. Making the bold statement that anything can be worn at any time, anywhere! YES Madge! 

Madonna replicated a look often associated with Marilyn Monroe circa ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ in her music video for ‘Material Girl’. At this point Marilyn Monroe was seen as a symbol of victim hood, betrayed by one of the most powerful men in America. The story attached to Monroe was that of sadness. However, in her video for ‘Material Girl’ Madonna cultivated her look to demonstrate power and transformed the sad image created by the media of Monroe to a spokeswomen for unapologetically sexuality.

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