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Are you looking for vintage/ secondhand shops in Stockholm? Södermalm is not the only destination for vintage shopping in Stockholm. There are several vintage shops along Upplandsgatan in Vasastan too.

In this post, we would love to introduce one of our partner shops in Vasastan, Lotta Vintage!

Lotta Vintage Please tell us about your shop! What can we find there?

Lotta Vintage: Hi, I’m Lotta, the owner of Lotta Vintage and I’m running my shop by myself. So if you visit Lotta Vintage, I will be always here!

I’m specializing in trends from the 60s to the 90s. I’m trying to have fashionable items in good condition. I don’t have that many sporty outfits, but more elegant items. Most of the items are from France, Belgium, and Sweden. I have some partnership with agents and private people for consignment program, but I also travel to different flea markets and enjoy buying things by myself. Who are your main customers?

Lotta Vintage: The majority of my customers are ladies around 30 to 40 years old. But it’s changing, because nowadays vintage fashion became more trendy, the younger generation started to come to my shop. I’m happy that more and more people started to realize that vintage / secondhand clothes are the good alternatives for the mainstream fashion. We love your selection! What do you care about when you pick vintage items?

Lotta Vintage: I care about the quality and design, but items can be anything as long as it tells me something. I believe in my inspiration and pick up things I like. When and why did you start your shop?

Lotta Vintage: I started the current shop, Lotta Vintage here in Stockholm on July 1st, 2014. Before starting this shop, I have had two shops in Madrid. I was studying fashion in Madrid, and I loved clothes. So I decided to start a fashion boutique by myself. The first shop was big and selling men’s clothing. The second shop was also named “Lotta Vintage”, focusing on female clothes.

Lotta Vintage
Lotta Vintage That’s interesting that you had a vintage boutique in Madrid! Can you tell us more about that?

Lotta Vintage: In Madrid, my shop space was bigger so it’s enough to sell both men and women’s clothes. But today I am on my own and space is smaller, I focus on female items and am trying to fill my shop with interesting and quality vintage clothes. The business size is smaller but I like female clothes more because of their variety and I’m satisfied with the quality of my shop.

When I started my first vintage boutique in Madrid, there were few vintage shops in Madrid and I was one of the first shops for secondhand clothes. Today you can find many vintage shops in Madrid, and the Spanish vintage market seems to be bigger than here. However, the vintage market was not mature comparing to as it is today when I was there. For example, consignment program was not common, people liked more conservative fashion and had a negative image in secondhand clothes. On the other hand, in Stockholm today, I have a lot of customers who own special vintage pieces and sell them through my store, and I feel people here appreciate vintage more. Why do you like Vintage clothes?

Lotta Vintage: First of all, I’m a fan of vintage clothing for a long time. I enjoyed wearing my grandma’s clothes! Second, I don’t like just chasing the trends. I believe if you want to have a personal style, vintage is a perfect choice. In vintage shops, you can find more variety of items and none of them are identical. Finding a good vintage item is like a treasure hunt. Each vintage item has its own story, and I like to think about the history of those vintage items.

What do you think about today’s fashion?

Lotta Vintage: Regarding the recent fashion in Sweden, I think it’s pretty nice because I feel all fashion style is permitted today. If you look at the streets in Stockholm, of course, many people are wearing black especially it’s the winter time. However, you can still find many alternative styles here: punk, casual, elegant, ethnic, sustainable…whatever you like. The fashion today is more diverse and it’s sync to my philosophy as a vintage seller; style as you like and be more original. Thank you very much Lotta. We are looking forward to see more of your items at!

Lotta Vintage


Lotta Vintage

Hours + Directions

Address: Upplandsgatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden 113 28
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 12:00 – 18:00; Sat 11:00 – 16:00
Subway: Odenplan
Phone: (+46) 070 279 44 21
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