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“The blocks south of Folkungagatan are packed with interesting, cool and creative shops specializing in clothing, design, jewelry, knickknacks, vintage, houseware, music and much more. Several fashion brands have their own stores in this district. There are also scores of restaurants and cafés. The atmosphere is laid-back, yet highly aware. In the warm months, Nytorget Square is a bustling social scene.”  Guide To SOFO

Ritz Vintage
Ritz Vintage is located in the SOFO area, where the coolest Swedes hang out. Please enjoy our interview with Natten, one of the owners of Ritz Vintage! When did you start Ritz Vintage?

Ritz Vintage: We opened Ritz Vintage in January 2016. So it’s new compared to the other vintage boutiques in Stockholm. Why did you start Ritz vintage?

Ritz Vintage: I had been working for other vintage boutiques and involved in the secondhand business, and it was my dream to open my own boutiques for a long time. Ritz was a part of Lisa Larsson Secondhand (well known in Sofo, Stockholm), the vintage boutique next door, and selling mainly men’s vintage clothes. When I got a chance to buy this shop from the former owner, I decided to open my own shop. What type of vintage clothes can your customer find in your vintage shop?

Ritz Vintage: We have mixed style vintage items from the 60’s to 90’s. The majority is from the 70’s to 80’s, we try to keep a good balance between man and woman even though we started with men’s vintage clothing. When I look for items, I try to find attractive and unique items. The customer’s age to our shop is also different, from teenagers to old people. Sometimes customer come to shop for the costume party! Where are your vintage items coming from?

Ritz Vintage: Our supplier is ranging from Italian vintage wholesaler to customers who have big closets. I enjoy shopping in Swedish flea-markets. What’s the meaning of the store name?

Ritz Vintage: The meaning of the name is “Get dressed, Dressed classy” in Italian. It’s also the name of a legendary nightclub in Stockholm in the 80’s. We love Ritz’s logo and the illustrations. Who’s drawing them?

Ritz Vintage: It’s my husband, Kristopher! He’s an illustrator, and we are running this shop together. So when I’m not in the shop, he will be here for you.

Ritz Vintage Why vintage clothing?

Ritz Vintage: I don’t agree with today’s fashion business trend because it’s not sustainable. Mass production and mass consumption in fashion are damaging the environment and killing originality. I’m concerned about the environment and want to do good things by encouraging exchanging second-hand clothing instead of buying new items. With vintage items, you don’t look like everyone else. I can see your interest in music from the posters and the decoration in the shop. Do you do something with music?

Ritz Vintage: Yes! I love music, and we occasionally host a live music event in the shop! So this shop becomes like a dance floor. 🙂 What do you think about TPH?

Ritz Vintage: I like TPH for featuring local vintage boutiques and making us connected to the vintage lovers all over the world!


Ritz Vintage

Hours + Directions

Address: Bondegatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden
Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Fri: 12-18, Sat: 11-16, Sun: 12-15, Tue: Closed
Phone: +46 73 689 0405
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