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We invited Vintage Folk Sthlm to have a light conversation. Why did you start selling vintage?

Vintage Folk Sthlm, E: I have sold vintage clothing at markets around London for years before I moved to Sweden. It was a way of earning extra money while studying. I used to buy vintage and second hand cheap in east London and sell it in West London for double the price! What’s the best thing about vintage clothing?

Vintage Folk Sthlm, A: That it is the most environmentally friendly way to shop!
Vintage Folk Sthlm, E: That each piece has been loved and worn by someone before you. That what you buy has a past and a story. That you save natures resources by buying second hand instead of new. How would you describe your favorite vintage items?

Vintage Folk Sthlm, A: Oh, I have so many but I just bought an amazing 80s print cocktail dress – with frills and belt in the waist – perfect in the current 80s trend and also perfectly sits on me!
Vintage Folk Sthlm, E: My favourite items are classics – like the perfectly worn Levis jeans and my collection of vintage knits. They can be worn at any time with anything and always look in fashion. What inspires you the most when selecting products for Vintage Folk Sthlm and the customers?

Vintage Folk Sthlm, A: To find amazing pieces that is current fashion. It should be as modern as what hangs in the high street shops.
Vintage Folk Sthlm, E: When you find the perfect piece for the shop it’s the best feeling! It could be a garment that looks ordinary on a rack but that becomes fabulous in the right context! We want to challenge our customers to style our second-hand clothes in a modern way. Tell us more about the name of your shop, Vintage Folk Sthlm.

Vintage Folk Sthlm, A: We wanted to include vintage in the name, and “folk” means people in Swedish but can also relate to folk as in folk music which I like!
Vintage Folk Sthlm, E: My business partner came up with the name – it just sounded cool and right for us.

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