Ever Heard of Larry Heard? Pioneer of Deep House Music!


Ever Heard of Larry Heard?
The Pioneer of Deep House

Born in the South Side of Chicago into a working class family,  Larry Heard has since gone on to be considered the pioneer of the Deep House music genre.  Heard, also known as Mr Finger’s was a prominent figure in the 1980s Chicago house music scene. He pioneered the Chicago House music scene and encouraged other producers to experiment with the mood and tempo of their music. His style is often described as combining the futurism of house with the lush, soulful sounds of disco. His style has had an immense influence on the house music we hear today. 

"It's All About Feeling"

Born in 1960 in Chatham, a working class part of Chicago, to parents who loved big bands and soul, Heard began his career as a drummer, often drumming covers and prog rock. He states that he felt his creativity was stifled and that drumming didn’t allow him to fully express his creativity. Lucky for Heard, during the late 1970s, Chicago was undergoing a huge music genre shift. A shift which would allow Heard realise his full potential. The ‘Death of Disco’ was rippling throughout the city. The night of July 12th 1979, came to be known as ‘Disco Demolition Day’. This now infamous night saw 20,000 disco records demolished during a Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers baseball game. ‘Disco Sucks’ banners filled the stadium and the night drew huge media attention. 

The use of the word ‘Sucks’ made it clear that the banner promoted social prejudice. With it’s intentional homophobic slur, it tried to take away the solice, comfort and liberation fans found in disco. This forced the LGBTQ+black and latino communities to find a new source of hedonism. By this time, Disco had become a genre played at wedding ceremonies and had lost the debauchery it once epitomised. In New York, this movement is said to have led to the birth of Hip-Hop, in Chicago on the other hand, this paved the way for the birth of House Music.


“Thinking isn’t the biggest requirement, it’s more about feeling”

The Warehouse

206 South Jefferson Street, Chicago, the location of the warehouse club, and the birth place of House.  Founded as a members-only gay club, the club became a new heart beat for the city, providing a new form of debauchery and sound for free thinkers!

 Heard had a huge contribution to the growing house music scene that was taking over Chicago at the time. He provided a deeper, moodier feeling to the sound that was coming from the Chicago underground. After hearing Heard’s ‘Mystery Of Love’ tune which was released in 1986, you can hear him attempting to burst out of a musical framework and pave his own way. The beat from ‘Mystery of Love’ was recently used by Kanye West for his track ‘Fade’! 

"I’m engrossed in life and interacting with other people"

By his own admission Heard is a re-active producer rather than a pro-active producer. He bounces off of what others enjoy from his music and knows how to listen to his crowds. Early on in his carrier he’d produce using two desk cassette tapes, “you’d play one pass on one machine, then play it back, playing the next line on top of it over and over” It just goes to show that a pioneer doesn’t need state of the art technology. Why not give a listen to this old school master!

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Queen of Pop Madonna


Pop Culture and Style Icon Madonna!

Madonna is a singer-songwriter,  actress and a business woman. Born and raised in Michigan, US. Throughout her career Madonna has trampled the status quo by tearing down boundaries with her style and performances! Madonna has been the pioneer for self reinvention, pushing boundaries and making it clear that she will not slow down as she gets older. 

"Art should be controversial"


Madonna has been listed as the best selling female artist  with the highest selling solo artist tours of all time! She has demolished boundaries which were expected from female pop stars. She’s done so by becoming the  pioneer of reinvention. Reinventing herself through her looks, and whilst doing so, she has unapologetically brought attention to how the naked female body is viewed. After topless pictures of Madonna were leaked in 1992 Madonna took control of the leaks and released her own coffee table book titled ‘Sex’. The book saw her posed with no clothes on, however, the images were not provocative in a sexual sense. They oozed power and confidence. She proved that women can be in control of their own sexuality and do so with utter confidence.

Cultural Provocateur

Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ music video which was released in 1989. The video was banned for being too ‘controversial’. Having heavy religious connotations, breaking many religious and racial taboos. Madonna made a deal with Pepsi Co which allowed the company to release an early clip of the music video before its official released by the singer-songwriter. However, due to the heavy anti religious connotations Pepsi had to pull out of their deal and distanced themselves from the controversy. Naturally, the Vatican condemned the music video but this didn’t stop the queen of pop performing the song in front of the Pope in 2008! Aggravating the Vatican in more than one way.  Despite the outrage, Like a Prayer spent three weeks at no 1 on the US Billboard chart and was voted MTV’s most groundbreaking video of all time! Proving the weight in meaning it had to her fans and listeners, oh how we love that she doesn’t play it safe! 

Material Girl

Madonna taught the world about Jean Paul Gautier’s cone bra. The designer created the bra for Madonna’s Blond Ambition world tour. Gautier had been playing around with the design since the beginning of the fashion label’s inception in the 80s however, Madonna brought the idea to life on a huge platform in front of the world! Madonna not only trademarked this look but helped to being inner wear to outerwear. Making it acceptable to wear silk and lace in ways that were previously reserved for indoors. Making the bold statement that anything can be worn at any time, anywhere! YES Madge! 

Madonna replicated a look often associated with Marilyn Monroe circa ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ in her music video for ‘Material Girl’. At this point Marilyn Monroe was seen as a symbol of victim hood, betrayed by one of the most powerful men in America. The story attached to Monroe was that of sadness. However, in her video for ‘Material Girl’ Madonna cultivated her look to demonstrate power and transformed the sad image created by the media of Monroe to a spokeswomen for unapologetically sexuality. 


Below you will find the Madonna ‘Holiday’ album which we have available to purchase on our website along with staple items inspired by the pop queen herself! We hope you have felt inspired by Madonna’s journey of reinvention! 


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The Haçienda Craze


The Haçienda Craze

Renowned nightclub The Haçienda was born out of Factory Records. A record label with bands such as The Smiths and New Order under their management! The club not only transformed the party scene, the Haçienda also created a style that has transpired through generations. 

Opening it’s doors in 1982, the club went on to be the most influential club in the country. And understandably so. With its industrial feel, the club brought hipster music lovers with open minds all under the same roof. Not to mention that the Haçienda was the venue in the UK which hosted Madonna’s first appearance!


Young people from the UK and all over Europe were flocking to the Hacienda and to experience the ‘Madchester’ scene. With expression taking place via the music played at the venue, people felt free to fully expressed themselves too. Often attending the Haçienda in mad and out-there outfits, the club provided a kind of haven for like-minded people to come together and dance away any negativity. With club nights such as ‘Flesh’ an LGBTQ night put on at the club, which was described as truly liberating! A night where people could express themselves and their sexuality. A club night that made people feel safe when they walked through the door and not feel in danger about expressing their individuality. YAS!

Manchester’s DJ PaulettePhotography Lee Baxter

'Unknown Pleasures'

Peter Saville, Co-founder of Factory Records was also one hell of a graphic designer! With a very distinct style, Saville designer posters for the Haçienda along with the now iconic cover art for Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album. The cover became and still is, one of the most recognised cover art design of all time. The design appears everywhere. Whether embroided into the side of a pair of Doc Marten’s or morphed into the shape of Mickey Mouse on a T-shirt. It.Is.Everywhere. 

The cover art created an air of mystery. What did these waves mean? Incredibly, the image is that of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar. Which is a rotating neutron star. Saville states that he wanted the album cover to really evoke it’s title. Called ‘Unknown Pleasures’ the album visual was just this. A pleasure to the eye, but what it is remains an unknown mystery.

Ian Brown
Ian Brown

Haçienda Style

Bucket Hats, anorak’s and flared trousers were a Haçienda fashion staple. Clubbers partied the night away in garments which were practical for dancing the night away and at the same time reflective of their individuality. When Stone Roses’ Ian Brown rocked the Haçienda stage in a pair of vintage Wrangler flares everyone wanted them. The trend took off becoming iconic of the 80s British fashion scene. 

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Hacçienda nightclub, Adidas teamed up with Yohji Yamamoto to create the FAC51-Y3 trainer. The shoe’s design is a collaboration between Peter Saville (the original Factory records founder) and Ben Kelly (architect who designed the Haçienda interior) along with Joy Division’s bass player, Peter Hook. The shoe resembles the industrial interior of the club itself and also the promotional colours of the club.

the Hacienda Trainer Adidas
Adidas FAC51-Y3 Haçenda

Feeling inspired? Below we have picked items which we think would be perfect for a care free dance and music filled night at the Hacçienda! Get your wardrobes ready for the outdoor live music and festival season! 

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