Queen of Pop Madonna


Pop Culture and Style Icon Madonna!

Madonna is a singer-songwriter,  actress and a business woman. Born and raised in Michigan, US. Throughout her career Madonna has trampled the status quo by tearing down boundaries with her style and performances! Madonna has been the pioneer for self reinvention, pushing boundaries and making it clear that she will not slow down as she gets older. 

"Art should be controversial"


Madonna has been listed as the best selling female artist  with the highest selling solo artist tours of all time! She has demolished boundaries which were expected from female pop stars. She’s done so by becoming the  pioneer of reinvention. Reinventing herself through her looks, and whilst doing so, she has unapologetically brought attention to how the naked female body is viewed. After topless pictures of Madonna were leaked in 1992 Madonna took control of the leaks and released her own coffee table book titled ‘Sex’. The book saw her posed with no clothes on, however, the images were not provocative in a sexual sense. They oozed power and confidence. She proved that women can be in control of their own sexuality and do so with utter confidence.

Cultural Provocateur

Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ music video which was released in 1989. The video was banned for being too ‘controversial’. Having heavy religious connotations, breaking many religious and racial taboos. Madonna made a deal with Pepsi Co which allowed the company to release an early clip of the music video before its official released by the singer-songwriter. However, due to the heavy anti religious connotations Pepsi had to pull out of their deal and distanced themselves from the controversy. Naturally, the Vatican condemned the music video but this didn’t stop the queen of pop performing the song in front of the Pope in 2008! Aggravating the Vatican in more than one way.  Despite the outrage, Like a Prayer spent three weeks at no 1 on the US Billboard chart and was voted MTV’s most groundbreaking video of all time! Proving the weight in meaning it had to her fans and listeners, oh how we love that she doesn’t play it safe! 

Material Girl

Madonna taught the world about Jean Paul Gautier’s cone bra. The designer created the bra for Madonna’s Blond Ambition world tour. Gautier had been playing around with the design since the beginning of the fashion label’s inception in the 80s however, Madonna brought the idea to life on a huge platform in front of the world! Madonna not only trademarked this look but helped to being inner wear to outerwear. Making it acceptable to wear silk and lace in ways that were previously reserved for indoors. Making the bold statement that anything can be worn at any time, anywhere! YES Madge! 

Madonna replicated a look often associated with Marilyn Monroe circa ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ in her music video for ‘Material Girl’. At this point Marilyn Monroe was seen as a symbol of victim hood, betrayed by one of the most powerful men in America. The story attached to Monroe was that of sadness. However, in her video for ‘Material Girl’ Madonna cultivated her look to demonstrate power and transformed the sad image created by the media of Monroe to a spokeswomen for unapologetically sexuality. 


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Soul Icon Diana Ross

diana ross

Iconic soul Starlett, Diana Ross

Welcome back to Vinyl Tuesday’s! This week we’ve gone total Diva with Diana Ross! 

Diana Ross, original name Diane Earle was born in 1944 in Detroit, Michigan US.  Ross is from a family of singers who would regularly sing Gospel at their local churches. Ms Ross went on to find stardom as lead singer of The Supremes. The trio were signed to the infamous Motown records and saw 12 no 1 hits, which included ‘You Cant Hurry Love’, ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Stop in the name of Love’.  Ms Ross broke away from The Supremes and went on to form her solo career in 1970. Achieving even more success with hits, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and ‘I’m Coming Out’ becoming the most successful female solo artist. 


Not only a crazy talented singer, performer and actress. Diana Ross was also hugely talented with fashion. Ross graduated Cass Technical High School with a major in costume design and fashion illustration in the hopes of becoming a fashion designer. She states that her education in fashion helped immensely with creating fun and stylish looks for her band The Supremes. Where she helped create the hair and make up looks as-well as costume design! Diana ross released a whopping 67 albums throughout her career ! and is one of the few celebrities to receive not one but two stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame!

Hollywood Starlet

While achieving phenomenal success with her solo signing career Ross began her acting career in film, television and on broadway! Unsurprisingly, she achieved huge success and even received an academy award ‘Best Actress’ nomination for her role as Billie Holiday  in ‘Lady Sings the Blues.


"It takes a long time to be a Diva.

I mean, you gotta work at it"

A Diva on her own terms

Not only a legendary songstress and award winning actress, Diana Ross has been paving the way for strong and incredibly success females. Throughout her career Diana Ross has often been labelled a ‘Diva’ which, in today’s media is sometimes used in a negative way.  However, the word can be traced back to the 19th century when it was used to describe worldly opera singers. However, more and more frequently this word is used in a negative way to describe a female mega star with powerful qualities that would otherwise be celebrated in a man. And we wonder, when did the word lose its positive meaning? Inpspiringly, Diana Ross  owned the word and even states that becoming a Diva requires an immense amount of work and is something she is very proud of ! And so she should be ! 

You Go Girl!!

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Fashion Rebel, Dame Vivienne Westwood


Dame Vivienne Westwood

Punk, iconic designer and environmental activist. Vivienne Westwood seems to be doing it all! and she is doing so consciously. She has spent her life campaigning. Campaigning for climate change, human rights, animal welfare and much more! Westwood has never been one to shy away from making her political views public. From that infamous ‘Destroy’ T-shirt, which, Westwood has said is her most controversial designs yet! The t-shirt was worn by Westwood in 1977 as a stand against fascists and dictatorship.

Shining a light on political matters again, Westwood was determined to get her voice heard by mocking the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by gracing the cover of Tatler in 1989. Even wearing a suit ordered by Thatcher but not yet collected!

Fashion Anarchist

Never someone to follow trends, or rules. Vivienne Westwood has stayed true to herself by rebelling against the fast fashion industry. Since 2010 Westwood has been a member of The Ethical Fashion Initiative. An Initiative set up by the future UN officer Simone Cipriani. 

Going forward as a team, Westwood and the United Nations fashion initiative realised that the high end fashion industry can be used as a path to development. A chance to create garments ethically and create positive change in countries such as Africa in the process. Westwood states that her priorities now lie in creating quality and not quantity. Which, she admits comes at a high price, however, paying the higher prices come with far more benefits.

Made With Love in Kenya

One of the success stories born out of the UN and Westwood partnership has been the bag collection, ‘Made with love in Kenya’. What is so significant about this move is that Westwood has helped to create a sustainable and new method of wealth creation in Nairobi, Kenya. Helping to improve infrastructure and the surrounding economy. The A/W 18 Westwood collection came with impressive figures, 62% of the workforce were women, 64% were able to use their earnings to go towards school fees and 82% were able to afford things such as healthcare, education and even starting small local businesses!

Vivienne Westwood X Burberry

Queen of Tartan

Not only the queen of ethics within the luxury fashion industry but Vivienne Westwood is also the Queen of tartan.  Westwood  transformed the way tartan was worn. Bringing it from an old and outdated material to a symbol of Punk and Rock n Roll! She did so by embellishing her tartan designs with giant safety pins and tulle. Check out the amazing Tartan pieces we have available to purchase on our website!

#Show Us Your Tartan!


Oh, so Quant

Mary Quant Image

Oh, So Quant!

Spring has finally sprung! Which means we couldn’t be happier here at The Pasta Haters! We want to celebrate the oh so stylish Mini Skirt and Mary Quant,  the most iconic fashion designer of the 60s&70s. With the well anticipated Mary Quant exhibition opening at London’s V&A Museum next month we wanted to pay homage to her designs and get you super excited for Spring and Summer!

Quant and Alexander
Dancing Skirts 70s

Self taught designer Mary Quant revolutionised the fashion industry during the 60s/70s. Styles which have persevered and influenced us to this very day. Quant’s style as a self taught designer was influenced by musicians, and the Mods and Beatniks taking Chelsea, London by storm at the time. As a result, Quant’s first collection she released, consisted of simple, practical and very ware-able garments. Quant states that she wanted to create clothes which suited the actions of normal life, resemblant of her humble up-bringing. 

Quant is often credited for creating the Mini Skirt, even if this is argued by some designers who were prevalent at the time, it cannot be denied that she did bring the Mini into the spotlight. With the Mini being Quant’s trademark she attracted high profile customers such as, Twiggy. Who went on to become a symbol of the time.

Twiggy, Pinterest

"Risk it, Go for it"

For the upcoming exhibition at London’s V&A Museum the shows curator’s created the #WeWantQuant hashtag to find women with pieces from Quant’s 60s and 70s collection in their wardrobes! With an overwhelming reaction from women all around the world, it is evident that Quant’s creations weren’t just clothes. But cherished pieces of memories from the past. The women who got in touch emailed their fond stories which were attached to the Quant garments they had recovered. 

The hashtag movement for Quant’s garments is a powerful one. Women globally are coming together with experiences and stories close to their hearts. In Quant’s autobiography she says that her career was a whirlwind. Achieving immense success whilst also living it up during the swinging 60 & 70s party scene. Quant and husband Alexander Plunket Greene were students at Goldsmith’s University in London when they met. Their son states that both lived with ‘riotously excitement’. He further states that Quant’s designs were much more than styles that revolutionised the fashion industry, but brought a sense of freedom to the previously rigid garments worn by women at the time. Quant designed garments which went hand in hand with the cultural changes that were taking place at the time.

Shift Dress Mary

Designing power

Mary Quant recognised that Britain and the world was on the brink of social and cultural change. She saw an opportunity for liberation and designed garments such as shorter skirts and dresses to reflect this. Quant realised that women were parting from the traditional stereotypes, and created the tools which helped women to freely express this movement and their unique individuality. In addition, Quant’s creations were her personal rebellion against the path life could have taken her on if she had not  pursued her career as a designer. She had an intense need to create garments which spoke a thousand words, and not just an item worn to look good. In love with Mary Quant yet?  Yes, us too !

The Mary Quant exhibition opens on the 6th of April 2019  until the 16th of February 2020. We hope you have been inspired by Mary Quant’s incredible story! Below we have chosen our top picks which we think honour Quant’s designs which our retailers have available for you to purchase on our website. Risk it and go for it!