The difference between selling genuine vintage and selling the vintage style.

The other day, I was chatting with the owner of a vintage shop here in Stockholm. We shared our feelings about vintage clothing chains.

“The H&M of vintage” we called it… Yes, even vintage has its fair share of sellers who do not serve our cause.

When you visit your local vintage shop, you’ll meet with a really passionate owner, someone who spends their free time looking for the perfect vintage piece, someone who can tell you everything about each item that sits in their shop. Pricing may vary but often can compete with any high-street retailer.

In chains, you’ll often find the same 90’s style, items like the grand-pa pullover or the oversized denim jacket. Because products are treated in bulk, chains often have a hard time keeping the vintage hunt genuine.

Here is the thing, these chains make independent vintage shops look perhaps expensive, when really they are not. Items that you can find in those stores are carefully curated while chains don’t always bring quality to their low price.

Paying that extra 5-10€ gives you access to genuine and unique vintage and supports your local retailers.

We’re on a mission to make vintage shopping innovative while keeping it genuine.

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