The reasons you should sell vintage online.

Who’s never thought about making a little extra at the end of the month?

We could be working a part-time position in a retail store, serve some beers every night for the local bar or we could start a side-business that matters and that’s actually pretty fun to do.

Why do we like fashion? I believe it is a great way to express yourself or tell the world about your today’s #mood. We’re not gonna stop acknowledging trends but we can sure create our own. This is what vintage clothing is about. 

How about you become the personal stylist for the next generation of fashion lovers? Building your vintage shop with TPH means going on a hunt for those unique pieces that would make your customers’ days.

We often hear that the reward, besides the good margins you can make, is coming from the joy and excitement your customers will experience and share with you.

Wait a minute… Here is the thing when we talk about “good margins”, how can you justify to buy a piece for 10€ and sell it for 30-40€?

Well, this is where your passion for clothing takes a lot more worth. You will be finding that piece that no one really looked at, style it like know else did, take inspiring pictures and package it for the eyes of your customers. So yes that extra 20-30 € is to get it done. 

Everyone is looking for that piece but not everyone has the skill or the drive to dig in. That’s why you might be the right person to build that up.

By joining TPH, you can focus on that treasure hunt and build your social media community, we do the rest.

Picture: Flannel shirt by Culture Vintage & Clutch by Modern Retro


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