To shop or not to shop: on Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner.

By 2003, Black Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year in the US and you are probably more likely to die during Black Friday hysteria than in a shark attack. In fact, according to Black Friday Death Count (because that apparently exists?), 10 people have died during this specific day while 111 people have gotten injuries.

However, what might be the crazy part of Black Friday now, is in fact how news, brands, and consumers try to influence people’s shopping decision on Black Friday. There are those who love Black Friday due to its sales,  brands trying to convince you to buy from their collection, and those who think that Black Friday only contributes to over-consumption and that people should not fall into the trap of Black Friday, so what’s your opinion in all of this –  should you shop or not shop from Black Friday sales?

This is our take on it.

At, we don’t think there is a right or a wrong – we want people to feel free to do what they think is right.

There has been a lot of focus on mother earth during the past couple of years and how we humans keep disappointing her. Over-consumption is one to blame. Black Friday’s mass sale does not make it look any better, obviously.

But here is the thing, we also understand that Black Friday is a way of clearing the brand’s stocks off the shelves and for consumers to get a chance to finally buy the items that they have been dying to get at a reasonable price.

The fashion industry has for too long been relying on it’s “Hype”, hiding one of the dirtiest secrets of the industry. The math is easy, fashion brands create 10 times more collections than they used to. Black Friday like other sales is a tool for retailers to clear the shelves and move on to the next thing. We used to see sales twice a year before, now in 2018, it feels like you can buy something on sale every day.

So is Black Friday really the problem? What’s happening during Black Friday comes down to the same thing: what we buy; why we buy; who we buy from.

So should you shop or not shop during Black Friday? We think that it is completely up to every person to make that decision, as long as your decision is made with consciousness for the environment.

What’s happening during Black Friday comes down to the same thing: what we buy; why we buy; who we buy from.

There is hope.

At The Pasta Haters, we believe that technology will be our best partner. With it we can educate the consumers, and today we can reduce waste. Being on a budget and still trying to define yourself with a unique style is not always easy. With us, you can be unique, at the same time you can also empower local businesses like vintage shops. Shopping vintage is not only sustainable, but also gives you access to a unique and affordable style. vintage


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