Who are The Pasta Haters?

Tired of Living on a Pasta Diet?

Is Pasta-Pesto, or even worse, Pasta-Ketchup, a recurring dish on your weekly menu?  If so, you can count this as your official intervention.

The Pasta Haters (or TPH for short) want to feed you with vintage, not pasta. It’s not a carb-thing (we eat them too), we simply believe that you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices to wear the clothes you like. We all have that friend who’s starving on blend pasta to afford the latest designer bag, or those limited edition kicks. Yeah, those pieces that everyone wants but that might go out of fashion the same day they were bought.

Fashion can be trendy, affordable and sustainable – all at the same time – the answer is vintage. There’s more to life than clothes, but we think it’s a pretty good place to start. With some of the greatest vintage sellers around the world, The Pasta Haters are building the first destination for vintage fashion online. A place where you can discover unique vintage pieces that have been handpicked by our trusted sellers.

Join us at www.tph.co.

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