You will never have to shop fast fashion after this!

Welcome to the future of fashion.

“Millenials are ditching fast-fashion and flocking to thrift stores”(Business Insider) – there’s no way you missed this!
The times when vintage meant “your grandpa’s pullover” are long gone, today, pre-loved clothes are more on-trend than ever before.

We’re in an era where clothes play a central role in our everyday life and taking a snap with that unique look is the holy grail of social media. Walking down the street with that piece that only we own is our daily dream. So, what can make that happen for all of us? Vintage, vintage and vintage.

The Pasta Haters gather on to open up new possibilities, new perspectives. You won’t even have to lift yourself from the couch or travel across the world. Those unique pieces are just a click away.

When we select our sellers we make sure that they live up to your expectations, that they are trustworthy and that you won’t have to live on a pasta diet to afford their products.

Here is a selection of our favorite items at the moment!

Lisa, founder and CEO


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