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Modern Retro

Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9, 118 50 Stockholm

The vintage gold mine! Don't give up on finding it you'll be surprised by its treasures.


75 hornsgatan, 11849 Stockholm

The merch of this boutique is incredible, you can see that the team has put a lot of effort to inspire their customers! A lot of pre-owned and high quality articles. Down the street you will be able to find a boutique dedicated to men.

Lisa Larsson

48 bondegatan, 11633 Stockholm

Lisa is the sweetest boutique owner we've met! She has a great selection of branded clothes. A legend in the hype SOFO district. Ladies this one is for you to warm up if you're planning a Stockholm's vintage hunt.

Filippa K second-hand

77 hornsgatan, 11849 Stockholm

For the brand lovers.

Vintage Capsule

Everywhere, whenever , 11861 Stockholm

Vintage Capsule is a private collection from the TPH's founder Lisa Gautier. She started TPH with the vision of a better future for the fashion industry.


Stockholm, 128 45 Stockholm

Welcome to Amano! We have qualities of vintage items with different brands and production ages. Most of the items are from Europe. When you are in Stockholm, Sweden, please visit our store in Svartågatan 12, Stockholm!

Ritz Vintage

Bondegatan 48, 11633 Stockholm

We have the coolest vintage clothes for the coolest guys and gals in the best vintage area in Stockholm!

Smiley Vintage

Södermannagatan 14, 116 23 Stockholm

Unique remade vintage clothes for girls!

Lotta Vintage

Upplandsgatan 45, 11328 Stockholm

Lotta Vintage is a vintage boutique located in the heart of Stockholm. Come to shop our selected vintage from decades 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s. Bags/ clothing/ shoes & more!

Ruth & Raoul Vintage

Hornsgatan 116, 11726 Stockholm

Looking for the best quality of 30's to 90's elegant vintage items? Please visit Ruth & Raoul!



"Harajuku" Style secondhand clothes and more - Straight from Japan!


Skånegatan 83, Stockholm

Vintageklubben är ett klubbhus fyllt med kläder från 40-talet till idag Besök gärna butiken: Tisdag-fredag 12-18 Lördag-söndag 12-16

Hanna Fridh

Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm

This is a shop for exclusive Items from TPH Fashion ambassadors, Hanna's closet.

TPH Showroom

Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm

Discover TPH's showroom pieces and visit us. We sell products on behalf of your favorite brands and retailers. TPH is dedicating its time for you to find that perfect piece for that perfect budget.


folkungatan 44, Stockholm

Welcome to Petite and Minimal! We specialize in vintage fund for petite girls (under 1.6m)!