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You’re in control, we give you the technology, you define the rules. Shipping is only an option. Our software supports you in your daily routine and adapts as you wish. We help you be online but remove the complexity of selling online.

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Did you know that 69% of shoppers browse online and buy in store? 46% also try in store and buy from home.


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Who are the shops using our software and what do they sell?

Our software was designed for independent shops who sell vintage clothing, lifestyle products and other items that only come one by one. Unique products can make it quite difficult to keep track of your stock. We’re solving that for you so you can open up to new opportunities.

What can I sell?

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Our technology makes it easy and fast to list product online. Our platform has one of the most intuitive and simple interface on the market. Upload more than 50 items in less than a minute. Our solution will help you make time to do what you love the most.