5 tips to take attractive pictures

1. Lighting is Queen

Have you ever wondered why furniture look so good in IKEA, but when you buy them home, hmm… it doesn’t look so cozy anymore?

Never underestimate the power of lighting. It’s a critical aspect when it comes to taking pictures of your products. It provides the product clarity and accuracy for the customer.

Before you start thinking "I have no light in my shop, can't do it...", there are tricks around it. Not everyone gets a beautiful natural lighting.

2. Backgrounds rule

You want your product to be center of attention in your photographs. Choose a simple background that helps your product stand out and doesn’t distract the viewers. 

Plain colored backgrounds are usually best, but sometimes products need to be shown in a real-life setting or situation. In this case, make sure that your product is still the main focus and that the background isn’t too distracting.

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