Be Different, We Support It


The only trend we want to follow
is the one you create.

Together with some of the coolest vintage shops owners, we believe that vintage is the future of fashion. We want vintage shops to be in the spotlight. The Pasta Haters team dedicates its knowledge in innovation and technologies for vintage shops to become the first destination in fashion shopping. If you also disagree with the common trend and want things your way, join us.

How many times have you got someone telling you that you should sell online? Easy to say... not that easy to do.

We got that.

You want to meet your customer, have them visit your shop and build real relationships. High-quality pictures, models, packaging… there is much to think about. Not that we don’t think you should get there one day if you want to, we think it’s cool to have customers from around the world but let’s start with what you want not what the industry is telling you to do.

Our solution gives you the right type of online presence, the one that drives the customers directly to your shop. After all, your shop is what makes you unique.


Artificial intelligence

3 simple steps to create a digital copy of your inventory, yes it's possible.

How it works

1. Your Inventory On Hand

Use our app to create a digital copy of your inventory. Our technology makes it quick. Snap a picture, add the details like price and size, our tech does the rest.
2. Browse online shop in store.

Keep your customer up to date with your new arrivals. You don’t need to take the perfect picture, you just want customers to get an idea of the products you have. If they spot one product, they can save it and try at your shop before making a decision. That’s what we call a “Lead”. The more “lead” the more sales.
3. Browse in the shop, sleep on it.

Sometimes people who visit your shop need time to think their new acquisition over. How great it is when they can go home and jump on their phone to buy the item anyway. Next day they can pick it up at the store and never miss on a crush again!

4. Easy accounting.

Use our payment solutions to digitalize your accounting, making it easier every year to manage your sales.

Open your shop to new opportunities.

Pay as you use. No subscription.