How to set up Shopping on Instagram to tag your items?

Have you ever sold items through Instagram saying "Please send us a direct message if you want it"? It's a very easy but unsecured way of sales and you may have trouble with your customer sooner or later. Today, instead you can use Instagram's "Shopping" function, tagging your items in the post with the direct link to your online shop page at TPH. Your customer can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, jumping to the checkout page directly from your post and pay from your TPH shop. This is safe for both you and your customer, and most probably help to increase your online sales!

You need a bit of preparation, but no worries. If you read through this article, you will find it easy to tag your product on Instagram!

Before starting…

In order to use Instagram's Shopping function, not only having an online shop at TPH, you need to be approved by Facebook/Instagram. Please check if you satisfy with the following conditions.

  1. Your business should meet with Facebook’s Commerce Product Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policy.
  2. You have the “Shop” section on your Facebook Page or created a catalog from Business Manager.
  3. Your Instagram account has switched to Business Profile.
  4. Your Instagram account is linked to the Facebook page you own.

If you don’t meet with 2 to 4, please follow Step 1 to Step 3 in this article.

Step 1. Add  “Shop” Tab on the Facebook page

You should be able to have the “Shop” tab on the left side of your page. If you can’t find it, please do the following steps.

(1)-(4) Click on "Setting". Click on "Templates and Tabs", scroll down and add "Shop" from "Add a Tab".
(5) Here you will find "Shop" tab on the left side of your page. Click on it and follow three following pop-up windows.

(6) Aggree to the Merchange Terms and Policies.

(7) Choose "Check Out on Another Website"

(8) Set up currency you want to display. Please note that shoppers all around the world will see the price of your product in this currency. So choose currency which most of your customers are using.

Here you are done with Facebook's "Shop" setting.


Step 2. Add Product to your Facebook Page

The next step is to add your product that you want to tag with your Instagram, to your Facebook page. Please note that you can do this only from the Web browser (So, the best is to use your PC, not mobile phone).

(1) Click on “Add Product

(2) – (9) Fill in the required information and upload your products.

*You can copy the information from your product page on TPH.

Note1. It may take a few hours to days for this product to be approved by Facebook/Instagram, meaning that you don’t see this product immediately when you try to tag your product at Step 4.

Note2. You can also create a catalog from Facebook Business Manager, but this way is more simple and intuitive if you are a beginner.

Step 3. Switch your Instagram account to Business Profile and Connect it with your Facebook page

You can do this in two ways, either from the Facebook page or Instagram. If you haven’t switched your Instagram account to Business Profile, please do it from Instagram App.

Click on the hamburger icon on the top right, then click on the “Setting“.  You will find “Switch to Business Profile“, so click on it and follow the steps.

You can see all the Facebook Pages that you are managing. Choose the page you want to connect. And it’s done!

Another option; if you already have the Instagram Business Profile but not yet linked to your Facebook page, you can link it from the Facebook page. Click on “Setting” in the top right, and find “Instagram” from the left tab, and log in to your account.

Connect Instagram

And…wait for Facebook’s approval.

After these steps, please wait for Facebook approve this linkage. It will take a few days. Once it's approved, you will be able to see "Shopping" and you can see the Product Catalog for your page. At last you can tag your product on Instagram. Congratulations!

Step 4. Tag your products on Instagram.

Now, when you post on Instagram, you will notice that the option “Tag Products” is available. You can press the option, tap the photo and select the product that you added to your catalog.

And…it’s Done. Enjoy selling online at TPH and promote it with Facebook/Instagram!

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