The one question that vintage shops can finally answer.

How many items do you have in your store?

We get it, over the past 5 to 10 years shop owners have been collecting and hunting for new items, always looking for that perfect piece that someone will appreciate, not only for its uniqueness but because that piece carries its own story.

Displaying thousands of unique items in a shop for customer to find them, is hard work.

When we met with some shop owners, perhaps you’re one of them, no one really knew how many items were in their shop. They did know everything about each item and what makes them so special.

We couldn’t stop but notice the passion that goes into running your own shop, in fact selling vintage items requires that energy and passion. Making a comfortable living is hard when you own a shop.

You could sell online, make your life even more complicated, or you could let us help you.

With our app you can create a virtual copy of your inventory in a couple of minutes, no kidding. We use artificial intelligence and other complicated technology to make your life easier.

So next time someone asks you how many items you have, or perhaps how many denim jackets they could look at. You will know.

Inventory is key, and the first step towards new opportunities for your shop with The Pasta Haters.

Read more about our software solution and the many other features we give you access to.

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