Our technology has been designed for independent shops selling “one-of-a-kind” type of items.

That said, if you own a local shop with thousands of unique items, you're in the right place.

If this is the first article that you are reading, let me add an important point, we didn't build our technology to convince you to turn your business into an e-commerce business. We build it because we love what you do and we want to help you dream bigger.


Here are the items that shops using our technology can list:

Vintage Clothing

Our technology was initially developed for vintage clothing & accessories. We use artificial intelligence to help you categorize and create a digital copy of your shop in minutes.

Records & Books

People who buy vintage clothing often love a good old book or a collector vinyl. For those who don’t buy vintage clothing yet, they might also go for a book or a good record.


Who hasn’t dreamed of a retro lamp from the 80s or a nice golden candle holder? You should be able to give the best overview of the items that customers can find in your shop. Since you can decide and custom the shipping options, all lifestyle items can be added to your stock with us.

Ethnic & non-second-hand products

Shops using our technology have a lot in common, one of them is sustainability. As long as your products are part of a fair trade production or/and promote a better and more sustainable consumption, we’re with you.

Here are the items that can’t be listed:

Vintage wine and other alcoholic beverages, explicit content, damaged or products in poor condition.