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Product Levi's jeans 501 W31 L30 country se logoShipping info
Product: Levi's jeans 501 W31 L30 image preview

Levi's jeans 501 W31 L30

Classic black jeans from Levi's, everyone needs a pair in their wardrobe!

Size: 40Gender: men

499 kr

Material: cottonStatus: good

Brand: vintage



We are not going to bother you so much. Short and good -> We sell vintage furniture, clothes, vinyl records, carpets and Hi-Fi from Sweden and the world, heavily characterized by vintage, art deco and industrial design. We always wear silk gloves when we picking our selection and always try to be careful about creating the best experience for our customers.


Delivery time: 5-7 days
Kalmar, Sweden

Product Nike Track Pants country fr logoShipping info
Product: Nike Track Pants image preview

Nike Track Pants

Navy blue track pants from Nike. White stripe on the side and straight cut at the bottom. 
Size on the inner label: Large 
Waist: 86 cm Length: 103 cm

Size: 40Gender: men

411 kr

Material: 100% polyesterStatus: good

Brand: vintage


Culture Vintage

Not every piece find a new life. Culture Vintage customise vintage pieces to fit today's trend. You'll find recycle leather, cropped shirts and more.


Delivery time: 5-7 days
Rouen, France

Product Bruuns Bazaar velour suit country dk logoShipping info
Product: Bruuns Bazaar velour suit image preview

Bruuns Bazaar velour suit

Chocolate brown Bruuns Bazaar suit in small checkered-like caramel brown pattern. Bordeaux lining, wide pants with two Italian style pockets. Moderately shaped blazer with two flap pockets and one breast pocket. Blazer: Shoulder: 41cm Sleeves: 62cm Bust: 96cm Waist: 88cm Pants: Waist/hips: 82cm Rise: 26cm Inseam: 80cm

Size: 40Gender: women

660 kr

Material: cottonStatus: good

Brand: pre-owned


HANDOVER Copenhagen

Have you noticed what many commercial brands have in common? A walk down any high street and the uniformity between the brands are unmistakable. Commerciality and turnover is retail’s emperor, it’s a short road between heaven and hell. I have worked with styling, concept building and visual expression for many years, and this industry is a melting pot of challenges, highs, lows, predicaments and yes, I have to admit – also a fair share of fun and lessons. On the contrary, a need for a counterweight has over the past years been a diffuse dream that finally has time and place to be put into life. So why should you include HANDOVER Copenhagen items in your wardrobe? - Every item is handpicked and has not been edited for fast commercial motivation. - If you love 2nd hand, but are running tired of thrift shops, packed racks and lack of inspiring displays, you’ve come to the right place. HANDOVER Copenhagen offers easy shopping with selected styles only, full outfits for inspiration and best of all, you can shop from your very own sofa. - Don’t be a slave to the high street conformity. Nothing is prettier than authenticity! - Now we have all heard it before, so I’ll make it short: the environmental benefits of sharing, recycling and prolonging all materials are one of the undeniable steps to reduce our consumption and use of resources. I hope you will enjoy your HANDOVER Copenhagen experience. /Andrea


Delivery time: 2-4 days
Copenhagen, Denmark